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Which of these established coaching methods or styles will be best for you and your business? Coaching models described, books and e-books.

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    "When I started my construction company, I hired three business colleagues to coach me, each with a different style. This was one of the wisest decisions I ever made.
    "Over the next six years, we grew my company from nothing into a multi-million dollar business. I am retired now and have been a business coach for the past ten years. I can help you do what I did."
    Are you ready to try the methods I used?
        (Yes, Coach! Show me how!!)

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  You will find 30 different coaching methods here. Choose the method you prefer and we will coach you in that fashion.
    The coaching styles listed have been developed by countless business and personal coaches over the years. How will you use this information? To decide the best type of coach for you? Great!
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    If you are not ready to take on a personal coach right now, consider ordering some Self-Improvement material, with which you can self-direct your personal and business growth. This won't be as effective, of course, but it's better than doing nothing. Or, subscribe to our OUTRAGEOUS SUCCESSS newsletter so we are in contact for when you are ready to do something about your situation.


      Let's take a look at each of the 30 coaching styles

Frederick, I am continually building on what you taught me and getting more motivated every day...
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Frederick's communications skills are top-notch...
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